Running a CoinCasherTM in your store

Siting a CoinCasherTM in your store can bring a number of benefits :

Earn money via commission - deducted from the counted total, to use the service of the machine,

Increase store-traffic  - customers go to the store or shop to use the self-service machine.

Increased revenue - experience show that consumers will use their 'new treasure', the value of the deposited coins, for shopping in the store.

Attract new customers  - The service offered is a competitive advantage compared to the stores nearby.

Consumer loyalty  - e.g. by offering the service at no commission for those showing a loyalty card for the specific store.

Typical net profit increase from a CoinCasherTM can be over 5,000 Pounds per year - all in less than one sq. metre!

CoinCasherTM is supplied fully branded with point-of-sale material and advertising support. We can also provide a range of marketing aids to help you encourage customers into your store to use the CoinCasherTM system. Contact us for more information.

You can see here some actual figures from a retailer running CoinCasherTM - over £200 profit per week and rising!